"Dekiru Kagiri"

Two weeks ago we were doing a roleplaying exercise in my Japanese class, practicing making complaints politely. Before we started, our teacher asked us to work in some of the grammar patterns we had learned that day. We must have looked apprehensive, because he smiled and added「できるかぎり」– “to the extent you are able”, or perhaps “as much as you can”.

This phrase stuck in my mind well beyond the end of class. Partly I think there’s something about the rhythm – “de-KI-ru KA-gi-ri”1 – but that wasn’t all of it. できる限り。できる限り…

"Will I hide you?"

Fair warning, friends. I have a new standard for letting non-Jewish people in my life, and it’s called “Would you hide me?”

It goes like this: Would you hide me? If your answer isn’t obviously and immediately yes, you’re not allowed in my life.

(from Max Goldberg’s “I’m Jewish. Would you hide me?”)

Ode to Limbaugh

It must be hard; isn’t it?
To take your view of reality
Take from the one small vantage point you see
And project it out past the horizon

It must be hard; isn’t it?
To surround yourself with those who think the same, or say they do
So much so that you can’t even picture who
Might not fit into your fantasy

It must be hard; isn’t it?
To believe in sides, in such down-to-the-bone wrongness
That a collaborative effort becomes a battle, won by numbers and attrition
Not likely to cross that in-the-sand division

Well, it is, isn’t it?…