It’s the last day of NaCreSoMo, and last night I decided to make a little Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game player (written in Swift, of course)

"Buffer Overflows" (a rap battle)

Today’s Creation for NaCreSoMo is a rap battle in the style of Lin-Manuel Miranda between C programmers and Swift programmers.

Yes, really.

If you want, imagine “C” as Burr and “S” as Hamilton.

What's the Longest Kanji?

Earlier tonight my flatmate jokingly asked if there were any kanji that had seven-kana readings, so that he could write a haiku that was just one character per line. I suspected the answer was no, but of course couldn’t say for sure. However, the longest kanji-readings I know are cases like かみなり, where a compound Japanese word (かみ + り) just happened to have a single corresponding Chinese character. Since most non-compound Japanese words are 1-3 kana long, it would be very hard to get to seven in a single kanji.