Optimizing Apple Park

And we’re back with another circle-themed geometry puzzle! This one’s about the new headquarters of Apple, Inc: Apple Park. (Remember, I don’t actually work in this building.)

Yet Another Riddle Poem

Still haven’t gotten enough sleep. Here’s a riddle poem:

Made with fine intracices
A model for all time, you see
And you may yet hear how I work
(Though not when without hands, a perk)
My name, what you can do with me.

NaCreSoMo "CubeQuest" & Pompeii/Daughter

As the penultimate day of this year’s NaCreSoMo, I’ve made a short scavenger hunt / quiz challenge in the spirit of Dropquest. To answer the questions, you’ll have to go look at posts by other NaCreSoMo participants!

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