Pet Peeve: "I will NEVER understand women."

I generally dislike blanket statements based on ethnicity, occupation, whatever. I’ve already said quite a bit about this in a post called “Stereotypes”, so today I’m just going to describe a particular instance of this that arbitrarily bothers me more directly than the others.

“Men are pigs.”

“I will NEVER understand women.”

“I am so done with men.”

“Women are so f**ked up.”

“Men can be terrible terrible people.”


Seriously? You’re going to accuse literally half the population of Earth of being jerks?1 Because of the actions—however awful—of one individual? (Or possibly a few dozen, if…


The scene: I was getting dinner with a couple of other people, some of whom I’d just met that night. One of them was a woman who had just graduated from UC Berkeley (congratulations, class of 2013), and we had already shared a few stories about our experiences there. At some point in the conversation, she turned to me and said, “So, are you friends with a lot of Asians?”

Why I Don't Like Wong Fu

Wong Fu is an indie video production company started by students at UCSD. Actually, they do a bit of everything these days, from music videos to vlogs, and they’ve helped a lot of aspiring artists get a little more traction. They’re pretty awesome.

But…I never got into their videos. Why? It all goes back to their first big hit. “Yellow Fever” is a humorous take on the stereotype that white guys like to date (East) Asian girls and vice versa, presumably to the detriment of Asian-American guys, white girls, and Indian guys. The stereotype definitely has a basis…