"And Then There Were None" (DDLC 3)

So fickle, unstable
You’re in a pickle, are you able
To survive out in the ocean, well, of course not
Better jump out the window ‘fore you get shot

And now you’re left to atone
Although you’re the one alone
Determination won’t get you out of this one
It’s agonizing but admit it; that dream’s done

Being captive to the question
Keeps you floating in the starscape
As the shards explode, uncontrollable
I can’t believe you were actually that gullible

At what point will you see it
The cage that lets you be it
The memories…

"Buffer Overflows" (a rap battle)

Today’s Creation for NaCreSoMo is a rap battle in the style of Lin-Manuel Miranda between C programmers and Swift programmers.

Yes, really.

If you want, imagine “C” as Burr and “S” as Hamilton.

"Colorless Sneer": Behind the Lyrics

Back in September I posted “Colorless Sneer”, an original rap song over a sampled backtrack. I’ve written raps or rap segments before, so I can’t claim it’s my first rap song, but nevertheless there was something different about it.