"In Our Eyes" (RWBY fansong)

Last year I was really into RWBY, an animated web series I’ve described as “a show about a magical girl combat college (there are boys there too)”. Part of my draw was a strong idea for a fanfiction story about the main characters’ parents, of which we’ve only gotten intriguing hints in canon. (I did end up writing this story; it’s called “Don’t Be Expecting Some Kind Of Happy Ending”.)

"Gauntlets and Greaves" / Re: Re: Fanfiction

Somewhat surprisingly, I made this over the past few weeks:

RWBY Character Study

I’ve been on a RWBY kick again lately, despite still not watching anything past Volume 3. This time that’s taken the form of reading a bunch of short-form fanfiction, just for fun. However, there’s piles and piles of RWBY fanfiction (and not all of it smut), and one of the problems I run into frequently is that I can’t actually imagine the characters saying the lines that are written. What’s the point of writing fanfiction if you’re not going to have the characters act like they do in the original work?