It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Steven Universe, a show I’ve previously described as

a TV show about a boy being raised by three alien women superheroes. It’s funny, campy, and quirky, pays tribute to video games and other shows, has amazing music (including but not limited to chiptune), and ultimately draws you in with its story and characters.

Steven Universe manages to be entertaining and often irreverant while still being incredibly wholesome and supportive of emotional health and expression, and its increasingly large cast of characters are one of the ways that it does that. Today I want to focus in on a character introduced early in Season 5: Padparadscha.

"Soulless Pacifist"

New guitar cover! This one’s a parody of the song “Full Disclosure” (MAJOR SPOILERS) from the show Steven Universe; my version’s about the game Undertale. I’ve left it abstract enough that the biggest spoiler is the title, and it won’t even really be a spoiler until you actually get to that part of the game. So you’ll either know what it’s about, or have absolutely no idea.

Undertale Doodles

I haven’t really been “creatively productive” yesterday or today, so here’s a page of sketches from before March.