Dogsong Variations

Last day of NaCreSoMo: getting back to the piano with Undertale’s “Dogsong”!

"Remember Me" (plus sketches)

Today’s post for NaCreSoMo is a shortened acoustic cover of “Remember Me” by Nautilus T Party, from the Undertale arrangement album FALLEN. I had a bit of extra fun with the ending, though all of the clever bits there are in the original song too. (The lyrics are not particularly spoilery; they’re just references.)

"Soulless Pacifist"

New guitar cover! This one’s a parody of the song “Full Disclosure” (MAJOR SPOILERS) from the show Steven Universe; my version’s about the game Undertale. I’ve left it abstract enough that the biggest spoiler is the title, and it won’t even really be a spoiler until you actually get to that part of the game. So you’ll either know what it’s about, or have absolutely no idea.