"The Fighter"

I’ve posted twice before about a music video I’ve been working on, first revealing some stills from a shoot nearly a year and a half back, then a glimpse of the editing process a few months ago. The song—which was hinted at in the URLs for those posts—was Alex Wong’s “The Fighter”.

It’s finally done.

Hell, Backpack, Pokémon

As promised, here’s the last of the three songs I recorded for that audition, and also my favorite.

The song is called “Your Name Goes Here”, and it’s from a musical called A Match Made In Hell that I was in in fall 2013. (As a member of the ensemble, not this character, Harry.) It was good to be performing then, and last week just reminded me that if I want to keep doing things like that I can’t wait for them to just fall in my lap.

Towel, Ashley, Acxiom

Wait, I missed another NaCreSoMo day? And a weekend day too? …Oops.

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of the day with my lead actor Mark for that music video, filming what’s hopefully the last missing scene. That means the video’s basically done, right?

Well, not quite. Last time I showed a screenshot of the Final Cut Pro project. Apart from simply cutting clips together and arranging them in the timeline, there are a few more steps of post-production: color correction, sound cleanup1, and, um, this:

One of the scenes has Mark falling backwards onto the grass.…