What's in a Name?

Yesterday’s story for NaCreSoMo featured a version of me as the main character, and was told in third person. As I mentioned then, that’s already a weird situation for me, but there was one complication in particular that went beyond the usual: was the character “Jordan” or “Jordy”?

Towel, Ashley, Acxiom

Wait, I missed another NaCreSoMo day? And a weekend day too? …Oops.

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of the day with my lead actor Mark for that music video, filming what’s hopefully the last missing scene. That means the video’s basically done, right?

Well, not quite. Last time I showed a screenshot of the Final Cut Pro project. Apart from simply cutting clips together and arranging them in the timeline, there are a few more steps of post-production: color correction, sound cleanup1, and, um, this:

One of the scenes has Mark falling backwards onto the grass.…

"Caravan" (excerpt)

On the eighth day I awoke with dry lips and a splitting headache. I squeezed my eyes shut and felt stars dancing behind their lids. As I came more and more to consciousness I realized that I had curled up uncomfortably during the night. My head was bent as if I had been trying to tuck it under my arm. The blanket I had once thought of as warm winter fare wasn’t heavy enough to keep out the mountain chill.

With a sigh I sat up, holding a hand to my forehead. Automatically I turned my head to look at…