"Holding Back"

I still felt terrible at the end of the week, and I knew it was going to be a bad one. Everything still reminded me of him, whether it had anything to do with him or not—the curtains he came with me to buy, the books he gave me for my birthday, the rack that had so often held his stylish shoes. It was the end of the week and I felt like I couldn’t take the effort of bearing up his presence, so I decided to go out.

It would be better to be around people, I decided, as…

"Weeks Later"


The office was one big open space, with a pair of glass-windowed rooms carved out of the floor plan. In the remaining area stood two rows of desks at right angles, large black monitors and chunky laptop docks set up for every employee. Their little startup wasn’t stable yet, but it was real and it was growing.

At the second desk from the end, just out of the hazy sunlight streaming in through the window, Lianna Kim took her head from her hands and resumed scanning the morning’s email.

“Lianna, you’re on résumés while Ruthy’s away, right?”…

"Memoirs of a Student" (part 3)


Shinohara Wakaba: So, you’ve been running this place for, what is it, five years now?

Kiryuu Nanami: That’s right.

SW: It’s great that you’ve found such success here.

KN: Yeah, it hasn’t always been easy! Turns out the restaurant biz is pretty tight. Making it as the new kid…you gotta fight to keep from getting wiped off the map.

SW: That’s what Arisugawa-san was telling me… Were there ever any times you were worried that you weren’t going to make it?

KN: Honestly? I always had a feeling about this place. Not that we were invincible or…