I Am

I am…

  • jediknil
  • Belkadan Software
  • a bass (Ancora/Cappella)
  • That Impromptu Choir Guy
  • a Mac user
  • an iPod owner
  • smart
  • Roy, Sheik, Game & Watch, Zelda, Yoshi, or Captain Falcon
  • a web designer
  • a programmer
  • a math geek
  • user #503
  • a movie maker
  • a teller of (usually) bad jokes
  • a て Companion
  • a writer
  • a reader (of nearly everything)
  • a son, a brother
  • a driver-in-training
  • not worried about school
  • a friend
  • the Chigaijin

Challenge: come up with at least five “I am” statements for your own blog, if you have one, interpreted in as many different ways as you can. Formal introduction to Chigaijin to come on Sunday.