4Koma: Macworld 2007

Read clockwise from top left. Translation below


Let’s introduce the iPhone! It can make calls, play music, and use the Internet. (Ah! Amazing!)

You can rotate it, you can watch movies. The iPhone can do everything!

Because the iPhone is really cool, you might as well forget our stock problems. (Sure! We love you!)

Next year we intend to introduce a new thing, the Apple Microwave! (I want it! Cool!) Buy our stock, and goodbye!

I wrote this 4Koma comic because I think the iPhone is/was overhyped. Despite being a pretty original idea that came from Apple, it still has its flaws. (I personally was disappointed that there was NO mention of OS X or the Mac itself). And despite the ongoing investigation into Steve Jobs’ stock records, Apple stock actually went up.

I’m still a Mac person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun every now and then.

What do you think about the iPhone?