All four choirs sing selections from Handel’s Messiah, accompanied by CHS and outside orchestra members.

So (three days later) I come back to talk about the concert. All things1 considered, it went off quite well. I liked/found it interesting that we got to sing Hallelujah again (better this time, and with orchestra). Here’s the rest of the concert lineup:

  • And the glory of the lord - the song in 3/4 time, alto start.
  • And He shall purify - the song in minor, Kevin’s favorite, soprano start. “Last page!”
  • O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion - “Secret Song #1” with the women starting separately
  • For unto us a Child is born - My personal favorite to listen to, awfully hard to sing (because of the arpeggios), soprano start
  • Glory to God - “Secret Song #2” with women singing, the one where the basses sing with tenors up to an A and down to a G, my second favorite. “Goodwill towards men.” Also the one with seven endings from the orchestra.
  • Hallelujah - Everyone stand; it’s a tradition!

Afterwards we went to Verde (like the Holiday Concert) to eat/drink, play Japanese Big Two / Thirteen and Mario Tetris, and just hang out. Very fun, and something I needed after the big C&P essay (which, BTW, I didn’t think was so good and so I didn’t get my usual lift at the end).

Recovery now (I’m still short on sleep). Attention turns to the Guys & Dolls and to the IDC Talent Show. Come see us!

  1. “all things” includes us having never practiced together until this week, people from all periods talking before and DURING the concert, the fact that we sounded better in the cafeteria without scores… Also somewhat cool, the day before rehearsal, four guys–Matt, Yulian, Daniel, and I–managed to quiet down the entire choir. Thanks, guys. ↩︎