The End of an Era

It’s high time I quit working on the blog software and actually posted something on my blog. It’s been almost a week since Guys and Dolls ended…and it feels like it’s been a lot longer. The end of an era.

The true-drama people now move into One Acts and R&J, and we others…well, we are still Ancora-jin, and we’ve got a few things up our sleeves. I’m not going to give them away just yet (although it’s not a very well-kept secret), but rest assured that our next song (or songs !) will probably be familiar and quite fun for most people.

But I already miss the cast and crew of Guys and Dolls. As I said on the last day during Director’s Call1, “Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, it doesn’t matter here.” I got to know some really great people, I got to act, to perform onstage (yes, it’s different than choir), to meet different types of people that I might otherwise have not met. Add this to Cappella and S&D as places where I’ve made real friends.

And already we’re growing apart again…because they’re off in their One Acts already and I’m just a…well, a choir boy, again. (Not that there’s a superior-inferior thing, just that I’m no longer in the drama circle.) It’s too bad…I hate losing friendship (today’s word for the measurement of closeness with friends). But I guess it was kind of inevitable, given that the show had to come to an end.

Separately, it’s very different having suddenly gained time after school and at night. I’ve been running on a Hell Week schedule for a while now and suddenly I’m snapped out of it. It’s probably a good thing since I think I need rest. But my English essay is not just right around the corner, it’s already here…

Ah, well. It’s over…and I can’t change that. But I can say that I’m never going to forget it. That production saw the invention of the “Hiya, Sky!” joke, the creation and dissembly of sets, crazy set changes, trips to IHOP and Carrows, and a fully orchestrated, usually mic’d, sung and choreographed, totally amazing show. Congratulations to the leads and to everyone. We did it!


  1. Director’s Call is literally where we come and listen to whatever Mrs. Conrad has to say before a show, but in practice there’s a lot more going on. We stand in a circle, cross right foot and hand over left, hold hands, and send squeezes around. Mrs. Conrad usually starts with a series of tongue twister stories, which get progressively more crazy as the nights go on. Then we end with…“One! Two! Three! Break a leg!” ↩︎