One Acts

So this year I went to one of the more hidden performances at CHS: the One Acts. These are a series of short plays that (apparently) have everyone in drama either acting or directing (actually, I think all of the directors acted in someone else’s as well). To be honest they varied in quality, but there were a few that stood out:

  • Hamlet (Abridged): Having read Hamlet this year, this one was very funny, and Jeremy W., Josh V., Ravi J., and Jae H. make a good team. Directed by Thalia M., assisted by Stephanie D.; congratulations to everyone for making me laugh. “The royal bed of Denmark has become a couch for incest!” / “Incest!” / “A couch!”
  • The Philadelphia: A guy finds himself in “a Philadelphia”, which is basically geographical opposite day, and ends up quite proficient in the use of negatives. I just have to say that Kevin M.’s natural state is the one he played: “a Los Angeles”.
  • Scuba Lessons: The name doesn’t have much to do with the act. It’s the typical story about two friends (a man and a woman) who go on a double blind date (though not overtly) to “watch out” for each other. And of course, they’re really the ones meant for each other. But it’s set from the point of view of the woman, Kelly, so we hear her thoughts every now and then. Good job, Karin, you pulled this one off really well. “Oh my god! They have the mug with my favorite painting on it. *pause* The Scream.”
  • A Moustache and a Mattress: Best comedic timing of the evening. Stephanie plays a potential customer while Tyler is a mattress salesman with a dashing moustache. It may not have made you think (my dad didn’t like it so much), but it was really funny. “Yes, you can touch it….The mattress!”
  • Bang, Bang. You’re Dead!: This is the one my brother (Robert) was in, directed by Tyler P. A TV game show where you can “win big by knowing everything there is to know about handguns.” Audience participation (via cue signs held up by my brother) was a plus, but the bulk of the act seemed like a cheesy info dump. Until the end, where a protester (Ashley O.) threatens to shoot the host–who, by the way, is Billy the Kid (Spencer F.)–and accidentally shoots Robert instead. Afterwards, in ominous red lighting, she cries that it was “just a publicity stunt…the gun wasn’t loaded!” To which we are reminded that the number one excuse was “it wasn’t loaded.”
  • The Girl Who Was Asked to Turn Blue: The most thought-provoking act of the evening, at least in my mind. A girl (Eva R.) wakes up and finds herself in a blue world, where everyone is the same…not to mention blue. They are created in a laboratory, allowed to live, and then are terminated when they reach a certain age. No one is unhappy. But the girl’s arrival is a disturbance that none of the cell members can understand. Eventually she is given the choice to either “be ostracized” (i.e. leave forever) or to turn blue…and despite her fear and stubbornness she decides to turn blue because she doesn’t want to be alone. Very fringe sci-fi, very Twilight Zone, very interesting.

Yes, I went two nights. But I’m connected to Drama now, at least for this last bit of my existence at CHS.

That about wraps it up for One Acts; now don’t forget to come to the Spring Choir Concert next Friday and Saturday. Yes, I know it’s AP testing, but if we can take the time to have two dress rehearsals and two shows, then surely you can come to one of them. It’ll be fun, I promise: pop songs and Broadway musicals. It’s your last chance to see us sing. Oh, and one more thing: Ancora might just be making an appearance again…