A Poem for Graduation

Inspired by the comments and speeches of the graduates of the class of 2007.

Standing in line
In procession
Like so many kids come to roll call.
Are we really graduating?

The gowns, the caps,
The annoying little tassels
For some, the cords and stoles as well.
Kids playing dress-up at a costume party.
Are we really graduating?

It’s unreal.
It’s not us.
It’s someone else, another class of 2007.
(Grad practice certainly didn’t help this impression.)
And tomorrow we all go back to school.
We’re not even leaving now,
We’ve still got a summer of last flings
And goodbyes.

Are we supposed to…?
Should I…?
Kids at a costume party.
One more ritual in the world of high school.
Are we really graduating?

At the chairs, walking, shaking hands.
Whoops, we’ve graduated.