More Song Associations

More song associations I have; songs associated with certain people, places, or events. Once again, if you have some of your own, comment or post them on your own blog/Facebook notes/whatever. (Don’t forget the original list of song associations.)

  • Shadowland (The Lion King - Broadway) - Yining, who brought this song into English 4AP one day. It’s a really beautiful song, makes me want to see the musical.
  • Wo Men De Gu Shi (Tension) - Kevin, Mimi, Li, as the three people who know and care about this song. (Which entered my life from the MVHS group Leight, at the FUHSD talent show two years ago.)
  • One Short Day (Wicked) - NYC choir trip!
  • Synchronicity II (The Police) - Canada trip, because my dad and I were talking about it. Yeah, makes less sense than most. But the first chorus has “Scottish lake”, and the second “Scottish loch”. *grin*
  • Every Breath You Take (The Police) - Econ class! There’s a great parody on Youtube about Fed Chairman Bernanke and the guy who was “supposed” to get the job, Dean Glenn Hubbard. (Note that any other Police songs default to Eiko as their #1 supporter from the choir-room-tachi.)
  • I Need You To Turn To (Elton John) - Golden Compass series…I considered making a recut trailer using this song but decided against it since I really don’t like how they’re doing the movie. Besides, not enough source footage yet (I’d need all three movies.)
  • Roam (B-52s) - Sarah F., who picked it from my iPod over a year ago when we went to see RENT.
  • SEPIA (SHIKI) - Dance? Maybe the only “pure” dance techno I have? (As opposed to remixes.) Associated with and courtesy of Ryan.
  • Under Pressure (David Bowie) - Chem. Thanks, Sachi, and Mrs. Uji.
  • We Didn’t Start the Fire (Billy Joel) - APUSH! Courtesy of Mr. Rosado. *grin*
  • Closer to Fine (Indigo Girls) - Among other Indigo Girls songs, and paired with Michelle Shocked. These are the songs my mom listened to when I was younger, so they’re associated with home.
  • キズナ (ORANGE RANGE) - Shane, who gave me the CD and picked this one as his initial favorite.
  • Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Panic! at the Disco) - Not my usual music, but associated with Mimi, who sang it at karaoke one time. A week later the song got stuck in my head—in her voice.
  • GO!!! (FLOW) - Traditional Japanese karaoke song, which Steven and Davin’s group got a taste of at our last karaoke meetup.
  • 月光 (The Gospellers) - Another Gospellers song. This one got into my head during the Berkeley Transition and was my tryout song for the Men’s Chorale. I liked it better when I thought “あたりまえ” was “あらしまえ”, but oh well.

And, the Cal trio:

  • Fight for California - Men’s Octet
  • The Big C - Cal Band
  • Sons of California - Men’s Chorale

…with the associations being mostly related to who performed what first in my hearing.

That’s enough for to(day|night). Remember to post some of your own!