Proposition 8'

Only marriages of couples sharing the same ethnicity are valid and recognized in California.

Now, I fully recognize that a man and woman of different ethnicities can share a deep and meaningful relationship. But this is an issue of family values.

If we allow interracial marriages in California, we are overturning the beliefs that a majority of residents have shared in recent years. These residents, people like you and me, will be forced to face mandatory compliance with and acceptance of interracial marriage regardless of personal beliefs. Whether they believe it is right or wrong.

The issue is not as strong as the opposition would like you to believe; interracial couples are already granted equivalent rights under California’s domestic partner law. We aren’t taking away any of these rights; this is NOT an attack on interracial couples. They have a right to their private lives, but not to change the definition of marriage for everyone else. Remember, Californians have never voted for interracial marriage.

Once more, this is about family values. If the interracial marriage ruling is not overturned, our children may be taught as young as kindergarten that there is no difference between interracial marriage and traditional marriage. To truly preserve our freedoms, this is something that should be discussed privately in the home.

Like many of you, I have many friends who are in or who have been interracial relationships. Probably many of them are the same friends as yours. But this is an issue of family values; the ideal situation for a child to be raised is with married parents of one ethnicity, and this would be a step towards destroying that beautiful community. At a time when we should be rebuilding marriage, we are destroying it.

Proposition 8’ will not deny or restrict any rights of interracial couples. It just won’t be called marriage.

Do the right thing for our families, and join me in voting YES on Proposition 8-prime.