Movie Review: I, Robot

OK, so this one comes a little late. I, Robot has been out for years, but I hadn’t seen it until last Friday. “Why? Aren’t you a sci-fi person?” Exactly.

The original (in my mind, the real) I, Robot was a collection of short stories released by Isaac Asimov over half a century ago. The short stories were each episodes concerning robots and their human overseers, and the behavior of the robots according to the Three Laws of Robotics (rendered faithfully in the film). The stories are clever and introduce the “robot universe” in which later Asimov books are…

Not the Same Place: Review of the "Gravity" Music Video

Vienna Teng is one of my favorite musical artists, perhaps my favorite overall recently. She’s released three albums and is about to release a fourth this year. Her first music video was just filmed a few months ago and released, uh, yesterday. The song is “Gravity”, one of the more popular tracks from the first album (probably partly because it’s available for free on her website).

(I think the video will be better if you watch it before reading my comments. If you care about my comments at all.)

First off, I have to say that Whidbey Island, WA, where…