NaNoWriMo 2009, or "Is Jordy crazy?"

It’s almost November, and you know what that means…


For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is a month-long international endeavour in which thousands of people all agree they’re going to write 50,000-word stories by the end of the year. I’ve twice now participated and “won” (i.e. made it to 50K before the deadline), and I can say it’s pretty awesome—at the very least, for the rest of your life you get to say you wrote a novel. And the write-ins—scheduled events where you go to a café or someplace and hang out with other NaNo writers—are just plain fun, even if you don’t get your peak writing done there.

Only…this is the semester where I’m consistently getting less sleep than I need. Where I’m already triaging responsibilities. Where I have a show the first week of November. Where I have two large CS projects to do during November. Where I haven’t even felt like I’ve had time to respond to e-mails from my mom. How can I add a 50,000-word novel—a little over two pages a day—into that?

Basically, I’ve realized that I can’t. It’s just not feasible. But, like performance, I don’t want to just give up writing this semester. So instead, I’m going to work on a short story idea I had over the summer, perhaps moving on to a second idea I had (today, actually) if I finish the first one. If this is an estimate of nine to fifteen thousand words, that’s only 300-500 words a day. A page or less. And with weekends figured in, that might be doable.

Or maybe I’ll even fall short of that. I’m certainly not making it to many write-ins this year. The point is to be writing! So, I encourage everyone reading this to consider joining me and thousands of other crazy people, in doing whatever sort of creative endeavour you’ve wanted to try, or always meant to do but never got around to doing, or never thought you’d actually do. 50,000 words is awesome, but if you’d rather do 30K, 10K, a poem a day, a comic book…go for it!

As for me, we’ll see. But for now?

It’s on.