Movie Review: Memento

Watched Memento last night with Lily. I’d been told before it’d be worth watching, so when it came time to pick a movie I suddenly remembered that one.

Wow. Memento is a great execution of a simple concept. The setting is a detective/vengeance story, and the movie itself is a totally different detective story, piecing together an entirely different picture of the world. By the end, everything has been explained, but still very little of it makes sense.

In a good way. It was certainly more interesting than anything else I’ve seen lately. No flashy effects, no explosions, just a complex interleaving of plot and psychology. To the point where I don’t even want to talk about it, in order not to spoil it for anyone—you just have to see it. And there’s not that much to say, short of fully dissecting the entire movie. Though the ending did let the main device slip a little.

Not “entertaining”, not “exciting”, but definitely “interesting” and, if you’re willing to think during a movie, worth watching.