Re: Creative Efforts in March 2010

JoMoWriPoShoSto (a.k.a. “March”) is over, and I think it was a success! Unfortunately, I’m not continuing into April with this, mostly cause…well, cause I’m lazy. But it did remind me to keep my creativity UP.

As promised, all1 works have been posted online; you can view them all and peruse at your leisure.

Specific entries might be of specific interest to specific people:

  • Jon, Ching-Ching, TomWedding Dress translation (at or near the top)
  • Candace — A writer’s version of Bad Romance (near the top)
  • Rebecca, Lily — The villanelle about color (search “villanelle”)
  • Yi — Math limerick (search “limerick”)
  • Patricia, Sanket, George, Min — VeryShortStories and Six Word Stories (near the bottom)

For me, a success. For others…hm. Not so sure. Small credit to George, Min, Patricia, and Sanket for picking up a bit of Creativity as a part of this, and big props to Lily, who similarly tried to write all through March. Next time, hopefully I’ll gain more recruits.

  1. A few pieces are of too small content and too low quality to be put up. Very few, though. The newspaper blackout poems (what?) are also not up yet, since I haven’t actually finished blacking them out and currently lack a Sharpie. ↩︎