Hǎoqù: A TR Fanfiction

Last Sunday I went to see the staged reading of Paul Heller’s Beijing, California, which is being put on by the Asian American Theater Company and directed by Duy Nguyen, one of the founders of Theatre Rice. It was quite an experience, even without real staging, costumes, whatever.

This particular piece, however, comes inspired by the trailer for the play, made by TR alum Huy Vu. (If you aren’t within Huy’s Facebook circle, you can watch the trailer on YouTube.) Specifically, it was Sasha’s first comment that put the seeds of the idea into my head.

Watch the trailer, then come back and read Hǎoqù, a story about a few TR members in those troubled times. (Note that the way it’s written has “those troubled times” being five or ten years from now, not thirty-five or forty as in the real play. Artistic license.)

I know this is a bit, well, creepy, but I hope you guys enjoy it, and take it lightly. (I really wanted to work “If you kill him, you’ll become him,” in there somewhere, but it just didn’t fit. Oh well.)

Finally, this is also a plug for Beijing, California, which is set to be a heavy, realistic look at a possible future, and a great play. I really encourage everyone to go. 7/1 through 7/17. Who else is going?