I recently got a temporary crown on one of my right molars, which stays on until my next appointment. During this time I’m, reasonably, supposed to avoid chewing on the right side of my mouth whenever possible. (And absolutely no hard candy or anything over there!)

Now, I’m not OCD, but I do have quirks in that direction. One of them has to do with symmetrical chewing — in addition to using both sides of my mouth to chew, like most people, I have a tendency to deliberately start using one side if I notice I’ve been favoring the other. Especially with chips or something else crunchy—I just feel a need to balance it out. So this proscription has me just a little bit annoyed with every meal. (I also have to take smaller bites, but that’s probably a good thing.)

My parents tell a story about when I was little (like, before I was really talking). When they tried to put me to bed, I was clearly upset and kept pointing to the corner of the room, where my shoes were. It wasn’t until they lined the shoes up neatly next to each other that I agreed to go to bed.

(These days, of course, now that I am responsible for my own shoes, I am not nearly as careful.)

What tendencies do you have that are “not OCD, but…”?