From an Actual Conversation with My Family

Brother: In Oregon we had 30mph winds. It was 30 degrees out, but it felt a lot colder.

Mom: That’s not very many.

Me: Many degrees?

Mom: Yeah.


Mom: That’s cause they don’t have many graduates.


Bro: What?

Mom: Cause they need more degrees. It’s cause their school’s too small!

(it’s pretty common for us to bring up our school sizes for comparison/competition)

Bro: I heard “driveways” the first time. But that’d be a different kind of “degrees”.

Me: Oh, like slope?

Bro: Yeah, so that’d be a different pun. That’s why I asked.

Mom: That’s also why there aren’t as many schools near the equator.

Dad: Cause there are too many degrees?

Mom: Exactly!

Bro: So what about the poles, then?

Mom: There are no people at the poles, so it doesn’t matter! Penguins, maybe.


Me: Don’t be silly, Mom. Fish have schools, not penguins!

I love being at home. You can see where I get it from.