I Just Had Lunch

I’ve never seen Akon smile so much. ~random YouTube commenter

Something beautiful happens in this world.
You don’t know how to express yourself so
You just gotta sing.

I just had lunch
And it felt so good.
A turkey club sandwich with mayo inside me.
I just had lunch
And I’ll never go back
To the just-skipping-lunch days of the past.

Have you ever had lunch, man it tastes so great
It felt so good when the food is on my tongue.
My mom made my lunch. She made it this morning.
Eating lunch like this can turn a guy into a stud.

Never guess where I came from
I had lunch.
If I to pick one word
it would be “crunch”.
When I had my lunch,
yeah man, my mouth felt great.
Wasn’t hungry anymore after I was done.

Oh hey
Didn’t see you there
Guess what I just did.
Had lunch
(Maybe brunch)
Then drank a can of fruit punch.
For sure
In-n-Out it sure beats Burger King
In-n-Out for the win!
Now sing:

I just had lunch
And it tasted so good.
Tandoori chicken cucumber wrap inside me.
I wanna tell the world…

To be honest
I’m surprised I had the stomach room to do it.
(You ordered two whole servings there!)
But man screw it.
I ain’t one to argue with a good thing
I’m going back today
(That good?)
I mean it man, you gotta try that fish filet.

I’m so humbled by a place that really makes good meals.
Honestly I’d eat a sandwich made of bread and orange peels.
With that in mind, this tastes so much so much better.
As long as it won’t drip on my jeans and sweater.

So this one’s dedicated to that food
That you can take a bite out of any time.
Whether spicy or bland
Eat with chopsticks, fork, or hands
Whether fresh or canned
We want to try it all…

I spilled some on the floor (Doesn’t matter had lunch)
But I wasn’t quite full (Doesn’t matter had lunch)
I think it’s past its expiration (Doesn’t matter had lunch)
But I threw up afterwards (Still counts!)

I just had lunch
And my dreams came true
So if you’ve had lunch in the last 30 minutes
Then you qualify to sing with me.

I just had lunch
And it tasted so good.
I got some plants and some cooked dead meat inside me.
I just had lunch
And I’ll never go back.
To my eleven-hour-long mid-day fast.
It feels so great.