“Sorry sorry sorry sorry…”

A week or two ago I did something to a friend that was pretty impersonal, even though we’ve known each other since high school. (And there’s not too many people I’m still in touch with from high school.) When they called me out on it (during a text conversation), my response went like this:

...it wasn't just you and I wanted to talk in person but you're right and I'm sorry.

Apologizing for a mistake or for something you forgot is easy. Apologizing for something you actually did deliberately is harder—it’s admitting not only that you …


Abstruse Goose: "Dear Book Stores: Please stop putting fantasy and science fiction books into the same category."

Note: this post is about how I disagree with this comic, however funny.

When the TV station formerly known as “Sci-Fi Channel” changed its name to “SyFy”, there was a (small) outcry. Was this because science fiction wasn’t mainstream enough? They had to distance the channel from D&D-playing, Asimov-quoting, Firefly-watching nerds in basements?1 Was it that they wanted to air shows that weren’t science fiction?

That last became the accepted answer: that many of their own shows were non-sci-fi and/or trash TV anyway, and so it didn’t really matter. My mom promptly dubbed the channel “siffy” and the matter…

The Gender Games

I just finished reading The Hunger Games, the new hit young adult speculative fiction book that’s basically Rite of Passage meets The Lottery meets Battle Royale. It’s fairly good, if not particularly original.1

This post, however, is about something interesting I noticed: for the first fourteen pages of the book, I thought the protagonist was male.