Freddi Fish: Sing Along

Who else played Freddi Fish as a kid? Edutainment point-and-click adventure, but very fun at the time. (MMO-makers take note: this is how you make fetch quests!)

Anyway, while cleaning out our house my brother and I found a cassette tape of Freddi Fish songs. We thought they’d be fairly good kids’ songs, and nostalgic as well. But it turns out they’re actually really bad.

What it reminded me of, though, is the Musical Improv troupe I co-directed for Theatre Rice (“Instant Gratification”, spring 2011 midsemester show). Simple backtracks, bad puns… I can totally imagine Paul H. singing the first verse here and Mark L. singing the second:

But when it comes to fairly good and nostalgic kids’ songs, I guess we’ll have to rely on the wonderful Rhinoceros Tap instead.