Mondulkiri Province

It’s a two-week holiday here, Pchum Ben, and Janina, Jaclyn, and I took the opportunity to visit Mondulkiri Province. You can see my pictures on Facebook.

My Host Family

By popular request, this next post is about my host family. As of last Friday, there are four regulars living in the house, plus three of us volunteers. Almost never are all of us together, though…which is why I don’t have a picture yet.

In writing this post, I’m realizing how little I know about the family, being both shy and out all day. But I still have several months to learn about them, right?

The Killing Fields – Chœung Ek

Today we went to see the killing fields.

Officially it’s the Chœung Ek Genocidal Center. This is the place where prisoners were executed by the thousands during the Khmer Rouge / Pol Pot regime in the 1970s. They were transported from the prison in the city proper to the fields in the southwest of Phnom Penh, where they were efficiently but brutally murdered and dumped into mass graves.

Who were the prisoners? Anyone intellectual, religious, or accused of being a dissident…and their families and their children, including the babies.