My Last 30 Downloads

Before going to Cambodia, I decided to spruce up my music library a bit by buying the singles that have scored my life. I posted on Facebook that I just spent $20 $21 on music, and I thought I’d share. Here’s a list of my last 30 downloads, plus a couple extras:

Free Songs

There’s plenty of places to pick up free music these days, from covers by unsigned talents online to iTunes and Amazon MP3. I don’t put that much effort into it, but there have been a couple hits just from checking iTunes each week. (None in this list, though.)

  1. Awaking feat. I HATE THIS PLACE (Kiyoshi Sugo) – iTunes Japan

  2. Hanging On (Active Child) – iTunes

  3. Qué Sería (Francisca Valenzuela) – iTunes

  4. Don’t Blame the World, It’s the DJ’s Fault (Cobra Starship) – iTunes (this week!). Cobra Starship isn’t my favorite group, but they did do the song for “Snakes on a Plane”, which Noteworthy has a great cover of. Uh, yeah.

  5. Ghost on the Canvas (Glen Campbell) – iTunes (this week!)

  6. It Girl (Jason Derulo) – iTunes (this week!). If they’re going to make processed-voice songs, Jason Derulo is the guy. I still like his voice even after it’s been processed. (The content of the song is…well, what you’d expect, I guess.)

  7. Still Life (The Horrors) – Amazon MP3

  8. Baby Missiles (The War on Drugs) – Amazon MP3

  9. Too Late to Apologize (TJ & The Revo) – The American Revolution version, introduced to me by my brother. Brilliant.

  10. I Want to Fall in Love (Ask Your Doctor) – another one-off recording from my friend Robert.

  11. All of the Lights (Cris Cab) – Reggae cover of Kanye West’s song, which I bought (see below).

I don’t download every free song that’s available, but my barrier of entry is certainly lower!

Theatre Rice

Our producer’s parting gift this semester was a pair of CDs called “Music of Theatre Rice”, which has a wonderful set of songs used during his four years of TR. I’ve bought some of these songs myself (cause the artists deserve the support?), and also added some of my own TR-memory songs.

  1. the.broken.headphones (J. Harwell) – an album of laid-back singer/songwriter guitar-and-lyrics songs. “Afterfall” has been used in a couple TR productions and comes from Huy, I believe (but came to me via Jerry).

  2. Sara, Poor Sara (This Day & Age) – the intro to Windup, my personal project in Fall 2010. Via my lead actor, Christian.

  3. Have You Got It In You? (Imogen Heap) – also in Windup (as an instrumental), also via Christian…but my apartment-mate Lily introduced me to Imogen Heap first. She’s not quite my style, though.

  4. Brothers on a Hotel Bed (Death Cab for Cutie) – also in Windup (credits), also via Christian. I feel like I’d probably like more Death Cab songs…I just haven’t gotten into them (yet?).

  5. The Show Goes On (Lupe Fiasco) – via Francis and the Kollaboration Boston version. After each show I made little retrospectives by altering the lyrics of pop songs; this was the one for my last show, “Don’t Touch That”.

  6. Just a Dream (Nelly) – I think I got this from Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie’s version, but then it was the closing song for Christian and Abby’s “From Rejection to Inception” (“Checkmate!”), in which I was the lead actor. It became my retrospective song for “Checkmate!” too.

  7. All of the Lights (Kanye West) – Not my favorite, but stuck in my head. This is from Joy and Alan’s “Awesome Troupe” (monologues, “Don’t Touch That”).

  8. Billionaire feat. Bruno Mars (Travie McCoy) – retrospective song for “Right Angle”. I saw an article that called it this decade’s “If I Had $1000000” (Barenaked Ladies), and I’d go for that.

  9. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Plain White T’s) – Probably incorrect apostrophe, almost saccharine lyrics…but it’s still a fun song, and the “Music Video / Musical Stage” troupe made a cute video for it for “Aged to Perfection”.

  10. True Colors (Glee Cast) – retrospective song for “Aged to Perfection”. I got the Glee version because honestly I’m not such a fan of Cyndi Lauper. There’s also a fairly good Phil Collins version, but it’s a bit far from my canonical version.

  11. My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson) – Yeah. Really. Not a song I particularly like…except that we used it for our outro for “Aged to Perfection”. (For a proposal, actually, which would probably be fairly inappropriate.) Francis, Rina, Li, and Jon.

  12. Fireflies (Owl City) – hit by several different versions: the original, Sam Tsui’s cover, UCSC Acquire’s cover, and NAU Elevation’s cover, plus a mashup with Chris Brown’s “With You”. Ended up being the retrospective song for “Space Bar”.

  13. Rehab (Amy Winehouse) – retrospective for “Apocalypse Later”. Chosen because of the Glee version…but for some reason I got the original instead. I might pick up the Glee version eventually.

  14. Take a Bow (Rihanna) – retrospective for “Local Warming”, my first TR show. I picked up the song from Glee, where it’s a little softer (“Rachel Berry” i.e. Lea Michele rather than Rihanna), but I came up with the “Local Warming” lyrics without really knowing the original lyrics. So…it has a totally different feel, and still means a lot to me.

Bonus: more TR songs that I already have:

  • The Heart of Life (John Mayer) – very sad music video made by “Theatre Rice Music Channel” (“Right Angle”) starring Patricia.

  • Wedding Dress (Taeyang) – Can’t say it was my introduction to the world of K-pop, but it was one of the first ones that stuck, thanks to Jon and Jon dancing to it all the time. Eventually it became the core of my first major mashup project, The Reception.

  • Kids (MGMT) – Actually introduced to this by UCSC Cloup 9’s cover, and promptly shocked by the real music video. WTH, MGMT? But when it came time to write “Monster” with Patricia and Chihiro in Chihiro and Sanket’s One Act troupe (“Plays ‘n’ Stuff”, “Space Bar”), Jacek immediately suggested it as the theme song. (We snuck it into the piece itself as well.) PCN then picked it up cause of the catchy track for their show, “Check It”, leading to Alan playing it on piano at TR afterparties.

  • Time (Hans Zimmer) – The ending theme of Inception, a movie I was introduced to by Patricia, joked around about with my film troupe, and then parodied as a lead actor, with this song just before the final scene. I later used it to make a video about leaving UC Berkeley. All of the Inception soundtrack is great, but this one is particularly moving.

  • Down (Jay Sean) – This song, as pop as it is, is also pretty special for me. A few months before I joined Theatre Rice, I went to see Wicked, and wrote this:

    At the very end, after the bows, as the curtain (actually a map of Oz) was falling for the last time, you could see cast members who couldn’t resist dancing to the final instrumental rendition of “One Short Day”. Not choreographed dancing, just crazy, in-place dancing, for each other and not the audience. That 15 seconds of seeing that made me miss Drama / stage productions all over again.

    The UC Men’s Octet does a great cover of “Down”, but I didn’t really pick it up until “Local Warming”. At the end of the show, we didn’t just pack up or circle up right away. We let the music keep going, and this song came on after most people had left. It was a favorite of our CoCoCos Chihiro and Patricia, and a whole group of us—well, at least five or six—started dancing and singing along on stage. This song is thus linked to my first Theatre Rice show and the performance high—any live singer or stage actor knows what I’m talking about.

    The performance high of “Down” and the bittersweet ending of (my version of) “Take a Bow” together capture my first Theatre Rice show, and really, all of my Theatre Rice shows.


Aaaaand…back to your (over)dose of music. Let’s finish it off with a bunch of random things I finally got around to downloading!

  1. 4 Chords (Axis of Awesome) – Required listening for any music person, along with Rob Paravonian’s Pachelbel Rant. I actually prefer some of the older versions of 4 Chords better (they update it every now and then with new songs), but I thought Axis of Awesome deserved some of my money anyway.

  2. Jet Dance B (Roger Kim) – Alternate version of a track from my friend Roger’s upcoming album “First Day: Music for improvising musicians”. You can grab it by preordering the album!

  3. Stacy’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne) – because of my “Love Triangles” mashup. I try to buy the songs I use in mashups, to support the artists at least a little.

  4. Jessie’s Girl (Rick Springfield) – “Love Triangles” ditto. I don’t even like the original songs that much.

  5. Can’t Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue) – The Blair Witch’s Theme. (…okay, it’s an in-joke from one of my middle school groups, and mostly from before I was in the group, but still.)

That’s all, folks! With over eight days of music, I think I should be good for Cambodia. Though that’s counting things like sound effects and the Freddi Fish sing along