More Newspaper Blackout Poems

I haven’t written anything in a while, so I’ll post the rest of my old newspaper blackout poems. (These come from over a year and a half ago.)

an aging population will pick the products / expected to succeed / and safe.

If you can’t make out the words, mouse over the image for a transcription. If you’re on a mobile device, um…comment, so I can go find a piece of JavaScript that will let you tap to do the same thing.

("San Francisco Ballet, Presenting 'The Little Mermaid'") Today's vocabulary — today's strange throwbacks — stand in for Christian fashion.

This one just made me happy because it actually contains the words “blacking out”.

their government advocates / a blacking out of the group press-ing for a new stand / to believe anything

More creative works will be coming your way in September: I’m planning on doing another poem-a-day exercise to get back in shape, and I need your help. More information coming next weekend!