NaNoWriMo Cover Art

We’re almost two-thirds of the way through November, and I’m about two-thirds of the way through my novel! After putting down a good 2,500 words yesterday, I stayed up and made a basic cover, based on the idea that’s been in my head since before Day 1.

The photo comes from HiLighters Photography under CC BY 2.0.

This year’s been going quite well; I’ve always had enough of a buffer that even on the day when I was too exhausted to write anything, I still didn’t fall behind par (1,667 words per day). Nobody’s asked, but my secret is that while writing 1,500-2,000 words a day is difficult, 1,000 isn’t so bad. Consequently, on my weekend days I write 1,000 words, and then I write 1,000 words again later. This is much easier than weekdays, on which I don’t usually write at all until after I get home from work.

On the small scale, 1,000 words is still a lot, so it usually gets broken down into 500, a small internet break, and then another 500. And 500 is just over that point of “just adding to what’s already there”, so if all goes well I just have to think of one thing to do, and then just fill it out. (That is, 500 words is a bit more than a short conversation or a single activity. And 100 words is just like a single small paragraph, or a few lines of back-and-forth.)

Oh, did I mention internet? As I have in years past, I turn off my WiFi when I’m writing, just so there’s one extra step to getting online. That doesn’t always work, though…I might have to take it out of my menu bar completely.

You can see Dropbox there in the menu bar; that’s one of my other tools, both to make sure my writing is automatically backed up and so that I can write on my work computer if I really want (usually on the bus on the way home). For actual writing, I now use Scrivener, which is an overpowered writing application with nice chapter/scene organization features, as well as a way to just focus on your text with a minimal full-screen mode.

Finally, there’s motivational chocolate. Mmm…chocolate…

See you in December!