A City on a Lake

In light of yesterday’s post, today’s Creation for NaCreSoMo is (a) something I find difficult (visual art), and (b) attempting to be channeled more than conjured. I’m not sure I entirely succeeded in the latter, but sometimes it’s still good to step outside your comfort zone, ne?

(Turn up your screen brightness; it’s deliberately very dark.)

Yesterday the phrase “A City On A Lake” came up—the name of Alex Wong’s current music project. At its most concrete, the name refers to Mexico City, which was built on the site of an ancient lake. (I did not know this.) The name means more than just that, though.

Anyway, last night when the phrase came up, for some reason I pictured a city actually on the lake, i.e. on some kind of island. Perhaps even a floating island. Unfortunately, since I don’t image very strongly,1 and because I’m not a very good visual artist (yet?), I couldn’t just channel the impression I had into my photo editor (GIMP).

This clearly isn’t entirely original; besides the name, the blues in this color palette come from the ACoaL album cover. It’s not exactly what was/is in my mind, either. But it is an accomplishment, and practice for future works.

  1. I’ve described this as “more cartography than photography”. ↩︎