A Slightly Different Yellow Submarine

I had a plan all ready for today, but as I walked home from my study group, I got the urge to sing a song out loud. (This is something that I often do.) I thought my voice was sounding pretty good, and so I chose to skip the plan I had…instead attempting to record a song, with loops and harmonies (inspir’d by Max). When I got home my flatmates both were gone, which I took as a sign to go ahead (and sing more loudly than I norm’lly would).

Unfortunately I could not complete the song I wanted (by Vienna Teng) before I had to go and meet my friends to watch the Disney film that just came out. (It’s Oz: The Great and Powerful; not bad.) And I was not too careful with my voice; by 5 o’clock my vocal cords were sore. I may have done some damage to my throat, and I regretted having been so rash.

Well, anyway, this has left me without an easy NaCreSoMo piece today. Instead I’ll leave you with this tiny clip, which came up during dinner earlier: a “diff’rent” cover of a Beatles song. (I think my friends should now know better than to challenge me with something musical.) I hope you find yourselves amused by this.

P.S. Do you all see what I did there?

This is for NaCreSoMo; join us!