Chicken Tikka Masala

With plenty of precedent, today’s NaCreSoMo post is about the food I made for a potluck that didn’t happen:1

This is chicken tikka masala, a staple at Indian restaurants that may have actually been invented in the UK. Precedent says I should post my recipe, but actually I pretty much just followed this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. For the record, it came out great.

Since this is far too short for a NaCreSoMo post, I’ll include this picture of the dandan noodles my flatmate Hoa-Long made:

and this picture of the korokke another friend, Ryosuke, made:

and this (unrelated) haiku:

Outside the window
The rainbow flag flutters free
Home in the Castro

  1. Only one person was able to come, plus our flatmate’s girlfriend, who probably would have come over anyway. ↩︎