Haha Punctuation

The horse raced past the barn fell
But has anyone considered the horse
But has anyone considered how the horse must feel
soft and smooth when you stroke
victim you are awake
from your snooze
alarm’s doleful chime
(no trickery here but a phrase I’ve wanted to use and a rhyme)
and forget that water
is what you must provide for
your equine to ensure quality and a good
you must supply to maintain its good standing
But has anyone considered the horse
an allegory?

Alternate title: “Parse Error”.

Title donated by Josephine H. Part of NaCreSoMo; join us!

Bonus: an excerpt from an online Q&A session with Vienna Teng in 2010.

what is your favorite thing to do? besides writing and singing of course ;)

Cooking, websurfing, sleeping, and hanging out with people on a similar wavelength—whichever I haven’t OD’d on at the moment. I’d like to say hiking or practicing drums or designing my own furniture from found objects or teaching kids the wonders of science or something…but I’d be lying.

[edited, boy did this one ever need an Oxford comma]