Mashup Sketch

In case you don’t know, one of my creative pastimes is making mashups. I’ve already posted on this site about how I make them, and I’ve put over a dozen up on my YouTube channel. So today’s Creation is based on what I call “Step 0”: realizing that two songs might sound good together.

(Please ignore the particularly poor-quality technique today; I wanted to do this quickly and get the point across even if it meant not recording a better take.)

I think I’ve gotten too good at this, actually. These three songs (yes, three, keep listening) aren’t in the same style, same tempo, or even nearby keys; this combination pretty much dooms any attempt to actually make a standard mashup, since one or more of the songs will sound strange when edited to match the others. However, it is something a cover band (or a cappella group) could pull off…

The funny thing about mashup songs is that they’re not usually my favorites—or maybe it’s not strange, since something that makes a song interesting is by not being like other songs I’ve heard elsewhere. I’m fairly indifferent to the artist for the first song1, and tend to dislike the artist for the second.2 #3 is the exception, but that artist is still emerging…thanks to my friend Gordon L. for posting the video on Facebook, and let’s hope she posts more soon.

Also: I’m really happy about yesterday’s Creation, Inkblot. This is a project I thought I had set aside indefinitely, and now it feels like it’s basically working and there’s just polish left. I’ve come back to play through it myself multiple times already today. (If you weren’t collecting the stars, go back and try again.) I guess this is my turn to thank Lily (Minute After Midnight) for getting us all to do this.

Part of NaCreSoMo.

  1. …though I have many friends who are fans, and there was an amazing a cappella cover by the UCLA Medleys at this year’s ICCA quarterfinals. ↩︎

  2. …though Lily’s a cappella group, Drawn to Scale, did a solid cover last December. See a pattern in how I discover music? ↩︎