NaCreSoMo Tribute

Today is the last day of NaCreSoMo. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been spending all weekend working on my final Creation. I’ve been planning this for a while…pretty much since (a) I realized that the last two days of NaCreSoMo were a weekend, and (b) Max (Maxuel) posted the perfect soundtrack. Here it is: my tribute to the multitalented participants of NaCreSoMo 2013.

Kinetic typography is something I’ve wanted to try for a while; the most recent impetus was the intro video created by Charlie N. for his music video troupe in last year’s Summer of Rice show.1 I will admit that a lot of the effects here are prepackaged with Motion, the program I used to create all of the video…but I think that’s totally fair, since that’s why the effects were prepackaged in the first place.

I hope that no one is angry with me for using their words (and in some cases, their images); more mildly, I hope no one is disappointed because of my choice in words or images. I wanted to choose phrases that could be linked to the creative process, and images that stood out for each person. I didn’t ask anyone because I wanted it to be a surprise…


I will write a postmortem post tomorrow about all the good things that happened as a result of this challenge, but for now enjoy the video. And thank you to everyone who participated this month for sharing everything you’ve Created; that’s been as much a part of the fun as making my own posts.


Name Words Image
Lily Purpled Skies Remnants
Candace some meta on making graduation cap (academic posts)
Rebecca Poetry Scribbles
Jordan Mental Castles A City on a Lake
Sam Framing NaCreSoMo
Robert Mask A Lion’s Welcome
Max Handles Starfish2
Ferrard Falling Creating Khalid Pass
Patricia Untitled Story (Part II) Ariel
Chris Exodus Exodus (Part IV)
Shana Keeping Distance cherry blossoms (cosplay)
Jeffrey The Rune-runner (Part V) The Berkeley Hills
Josephine A poem Self portrait / Gary Oldman Day
Troy Me paint pretty one day Peepers
Abby The Green Light The Green Light
Danielle Stopping by the woods… The North Remembers


  1. This troupe was where I made my video for OneRepublic’s All Fall Down↩︎

  2. Again, Max also provided the soundtrack for the video in “Vocal Synths”. ↩︎