Another month, another “thing-a-day” challenge. This one comes from my friend Lily, who has decided that she’s tired of not working on creative things and not finishing the creative things she already has, and therefore came up with “National Create Something Month”, or NaCreSoMo.

While I’ve been happily busy with work, a Korean class, and a few longer-term creative projects, I can’t help but join this, especially since Lily has the particular distinction of being the only one who joined me for the entire month of JoPoWriShoStoMo, my first such endeavour in 2010. I’ll be posting my works on this site under the (optimistic) tag “NaCreSoMo 2013”, though they will not show up on my home page due to the frequency of posting. I’ll also be cross-posting to Facebook to garner interest and views.

We’re also trying to gather people to join us! Here are The Rules:

  1. Post something every day. Use any kind of posting site/engine you like!

  2. Comment, give feedback to minimum one (preferably different) participant per day. Kudos if you do it for everyone. Once per week, have commented or given feedback to all participants in the event.

    e.g. If there are 8 participants and you do a different one per day you will have automatically satisfied the second part of this rule.

  3. Your post per day does not have to be completed work, but must be something pertaining to the furthering of your craft.

    e.g. If your project is to perform at an open mic night, an intermediate post could be the story of your journey to go to an open mic night in preparation. Keep in mind that this is an opportunity for you to get critique and feedback.

  4. Your creative project can be anything!

  5. You can join at any time! Goal is once you start, you will make it to the end of the month. Let the creations begin!

If you want to join “officially” in our unofficial endeavour, let Lily know! Otherwise, just follow along with us, and provide comments, critique, and ’ncouragement.

ALSO: one thing I’ve very much enjoyed in the past is working with suggestions from other people. If you have anything you want me to try—a title, a poem form, a word to use, a challenge, whatever—leave a comment on this post (or on Facebook)!

I was planning to catch up on movie reviews…maybe I’ll just count those too.