Re: S. V. F. Sports Scoring System

For today’s creation, I have a working CoffeeScript implementation of Chris’s (AMLR’s) “Simple Visual Futuristic Sports Scoring System”.

Unfortunately, it seems your browser is not new enough to view it.

I gave myself an hour to do this, and pretty much made it! …then spent another twenty minutes adding the colors from the original post. If I gave myself another hour I’d be able to add all sorts of bells and whistles; as it is the source is a bit hacky.

As I said above, I wrote this in CoffeeScript, a language designed to replace JavaScript. For those who might not know, JavaScript is the language of web browsers; although some web browsers understand other languages, and although JavaScript is now picking up use elsewhere, that’s still essentially what it’s for. Unfortunately, the language also has a lot of pitfalls that trap new programmers and still make things difficult for experienced programmers.

CoffeeScript is basically what you’d get if you redesigned JavaScript starting with Ruby and Python instead of Java and C. It’s fully interoperable with JavaScript (and actually compiles down to JavaScript), but it’s much nicer to write in, and less restrictive as well. It’s a language in which it is easier to express what I want to do than it is in JavaScript.

Inspired by Sam (Magic Rampant), I’ve posted the source for this as a Gist on Github. I think it would be totally appropriate for someone to take this source and use it as the basis of their next creation.

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