Today’s NaCreSoMo post is sort of a response to Abby’s (Life From Third Place) “The Green Light”. For some reason the optimism in her poem is resonating with my cynical side. This poem is covering a topic I’ve been meaning to hit for a while about the sheer improbability of successful (Western) relationships.

I’ve never believed in love at first sight
That’s lust.
And a longstanding friendship is different as well
That’s trust.

You can see if it comes up spontaneously
That’s called “dating”.
You can hope that it grows out of friendship, but
Really that’s “waiting”.

But if all goes well then you find yourself
Falling in love.
Your heart skips a beat when they walk past as if
Lit from above.

And you want nothing more than to spend all your time
To talk about nothing and all things, the closer the

When being apart starts to cause you physical
And your mouth is unconsciously forming the shape of their

Well, then you’re in trouble, though you’re sure your love
Is true.
There’s no guarantee, just a guess if they are in
Love too.
And possibly worse if your feelings are stronger
Than their feelings for you.

For when at last you find the one you lack
What chance is there that they will love you back?

Bonus comic from xkcd:

A: "I love you!" / B: "I love you!" / A: "I love you more!" / B: "Yeah." / Silence.