Self-Descriptive Poetry

Home a bit late from Korean class; fortunately I had an easy Creation all picked out since yesterday. I swear this was inspired by a recording I saw somewhere of a similar idea, but I don’t even know how I’d start searching for it.

I didn’t include haiku because that’s been done.

You start with a pentameter for form
With iambs (weak then strong) to use as feet
For Shakespeare’s works this meter was the norm
And for that sol’mn effect this can’t be beat.

The next step up is to include the rhymes
Which alternate A-B-A-B, but then
What makes a sonnet special is the lines
Three groups of four, a couplet at the end.

The rhyming scheme has changed over the years
The groupings, too, have changed up through today
Yet still, though antiquated it appears
The sonnet form is used in many ways.

The last two lines, which rhyme and stand alone
Encapsulate the meaning of the poem.

A lim’rick is oft found in jest
Or created for others’ requests
Rhyme lines three and four’re
Gen’rally shorter
While one, two, and five rhyme the best.

Anapestic tetrameter works very well
When you have a humorous story to tell
Wikipedia claims it’s (with phrasing quite terse)
The rhythm of choice for what’s called “comic verse”

You’ll note it’s okay to leave off the first beat
And rhyming consecutive lines is quite neat
If this felt familiar (it probably did)
You probably read Dr. Seuss as a kid.


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