Patricia (Patwiti) said that she wanted more stories from me, since she’s been doing so many stories of her own. Today I’m obliging with a bit of meta-fanfiction: a scene from an alternate conception of the new movie Oz: The Great and Powerful, which I saw last weekend and actually quite appreciated.

It feels weird to be writing about this movie before writing a review, although I’m plenty behind on movie reviews. But I know if I write a review now, it’ll get too late and I won’t want to buckle down and write the piece. That said, this contains spoilers. Even though most of what I do in here will not be how the movie plot goes, it will cause you to watch the movie differently when it reaches the equivalent scene.

So. I really think that Theodora could have had a very interesting story of her own…but that’s not really how Disney’s Oz works, is it? This is based on how I thought the throne room scene was going to go, at a time in the movie when not much was revealed yet.

…but of course I don’t know how this would actually play out to make Theodora an interesting character. Certainly a variation of the “temper” scene, but the only way I can think to actually have her complete her story while still staying in Oz-canon is to have her be an Eponine (though I would give her the love she’ll have earned by then1). Maybe this will continue some day, but only if I’m a lot more comfortable with the characters than I am now.


KNUCK jumps up and unlocks the double doors, which swing open inwards to reveal a circular room, with the floor made of black marble. On a black dais sits a plain yet royal throne; flanking the throne are two staircases up to a raised platform. OSCAR steps forward in amazement. THEODORA follows on OSCAR’s left, anxiously watching for his reaction. FINLEY follows on OSCAR’s right, a few steps further back, carrying his bag.

OSCAR: Is this it?

THEODORA: This is it!

OSCAR: My throne?

THEODORA: (a bit uncertainly, but eager to please) It’s the king’s throne, and you are the king.

WOMAN: If you are indeed the Wizard…

WOMAN steps out of the shadows on the raised platform, and rests her hands on the banister, looking down at OSCAR and THEODORA.

WOMAN: (distantly) …come to save us all.

OSCAR pauses, a bit taken aback.

THEODORA: My sister, Glinda.

OSCAR: Pleased to meet you.

GLINDA descends the staircase. OSCAR holds out his hand, intending to take hers and kiss it.

GLINDA: Likewise. Your name…?

OSCAR: Oscar—Oz.

GLINDA: Of course.

GLINDA does not offer her hand; OSCAR lowers his own but does not seem bothered. He has recovered from his earlier startlement. THEODORA, on the other hand, is a little put-off by GLINDA’s lack of enthusiasm. OSCAR glances towards the throne.

OSCAR: May I…?

GLINDA: Only the true king may sit upon the throne of Oz.

THEODORA: But the prophecy says a wizard bearing the name of our land—

GLINDA: —will defeat the Wicked Witch, and become king.

OSCAR: (attempting to lighten the mood) No Witch, no crown, huh?

GLINDA: But you are the Wizard.

OSCAR: Yes, I am the Wizard.

FINLEY: (immediately) Yes, he’s the Wizard all right. (OSCAR pushes FINLEY with his foot.) Ow!

GLINDA watches this carefully.

GLINDA: Would you excuse us for a moment?

OSCAR: I— (smiling) Of course.

OSCAR raises his eyebrows at THEODORA, who smiles back involuntarily. He then winks at GLINDA and walks to the other side of the room, idly investigating the marble floor with his shoe. GLINDA looks down at FINLEY, face softening some.

FINLEY: Wha—oh.

FINLEY sets OSCAR’s bag against the wall, then scurries over to join OSCAR. GLINDA steps in for a closer conversation with THEODORA.

THEODORA: Isn’t this wonderful?

GLINDA: How could you bring him here? Did you even think to ask for proof that he is who he says he is?


GLINDA: He could be anyone! He could be sent here by Her.

THEODORA: I saw his balloon. It came down in the river—

GLINDA: We’ve barely managed to hold the Emerald City. You’re supposed to be out checking on the villages—

THEODORA: We haven’t seen any movement from Her—

GLINDA: And do you think that means we’re safe?

THEODORA: Not since Father died.

Pause. Both GLINDA and THEODORA look down.

GLINDA: (low) When you bring this outsider—

THEODORA: (looking up suddenly) He’s a good man.

GLINDA stops and looks at her sister.

GLINDA: Oh, no. Theodora…

THEODORA: (oblivious) He is the Wizard. And we’re—I mean, he’s…

GLINDA just looks at her sadly.

THEODORA: Glinda, I know I’ve let you down—too much. But please; this man may be our only hope.

GLINDA: Hope. Hope is something that Oz desperately needs…

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  1. I have problems with the way Oz ended but I’ll save that for my review post. ↩︎