Poem-a-Day 2013

I guess this is a trend now! To warm up for NaNoWriMo, I’m going to be writing a poem for all 30 days in the month of September. And, as in previous years, the titles will be provided by you: my friends, fans, and family. Post a title here or on Facebook and I’ll reciprocate you with a poem if you’re in the first 30. The master list of titles will be in the Facebook version of this post, since (like last year) I expect a better response there, but titles submitted here will be accepted as well.

No, this isn’t the craziness of NaCreSoMo; I’ve found that I’m almost always able to crank out a poem if I just sit down and focus. Last year produced some pieces I’m quite proud of, like this pair here and here…so we’ll see what happens this year!

All poems will be posted on my personal website, and each title contributor will be notified when their poem goes up. Suggest away!

I’m still trying to keep up with my “traced portraits” project, too; you can check those out on Flickr. Between these two projects, my third semester of Korean, the rest of the run of A Match Made in Hell (I’m in the ensemble!), and, oh, work, I expect to be plenty busy…but enjoying life plenty, too.