A State Machine Simulator

This is it: the last day of NaCreSoMo 2014 and the finale of the CS mini-tutorial. We learned how to build a lexer. We learned what a state machine is, and how they are used to match or classify text. And we built a parser, using our lexer, that understands a language that describes state machines.

Today we’re going to go all the way: actually simulating a state machine. You can also just skip to the fun part: playing with the completed simulator.

NaCreSoMo "CubeQuest" & Pompeii/Daughter

As the penultimate day of this year’s NaCreSoMo, I’ve made a short scavenger hunt / quiz challenge in the spirit of Dropquest. To answer the questions, you’ll have to go look at posts by other NaCreSoMo participants!

For the best experience, use a recent version of Safari or Google Chrome.

Pop Song Interlude

More time spent today on the last part of the NaCreSoMo 2014 CS mini-tutorial, but then spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends. I’ll call it a day well-spent. Here’s a poem made out of song titles selected from Spotify’s top 50 tracks in the US.

Wake Me Up
Man Of The Year
The Man
Drunk in Love

Let Her Go
Safe and Sound
Let It Go
All of Me

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
Do I Wanna Know?
Say Something

Hey Brother
Hold On, We’re Going Home