Hold up in these sturdy walls
Ever having gone unasked
Lest my tired arms do shake
Papered smiles now unmasked.

On a lighter note, an excerpt from lunch conversation today with my coworkers:

DG: …Yup. Every time [my three-year-old daughter] asks me what I did at work…talked to people and did things on a computer! “That’s the same thing you did yesterday!” Yup, that’s my job!

JM: (laughs) “Do you want to learn about rule-based constraint systems?”1

Me: Oh, kids know all about rule-based constraint systems!

JP: Yes, they’re definitely good at exploring the entire constraint space.

BL: Testing the boundary conditions.

DG: “Don’t hit the cat with the stick. Don’t hit the dog with the stick—no, don’t hit me with the stick—don’t hit your mother with the stick…”

Me: (laughs) I would have thought she’d move to a different variable by now.

JM: “No, don’t hit the dog with the cat. Put down the cat…”

Part of NaCreSoMo.

  1. We were talking about Facebook’s Hack language earlier and how it was “nothing like Haskell”. “It’s like Haskell in that it…has a type system?” ↩︎