An a cappella cover of Jillian Aversa’s “Generations”, itself based on “Forest Temple” from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. “Generations” is part of Aversa’s album “Atlantis Awakening”.

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is basically a movie version of Glee set in college:

  • Songs: About on par. Glee has arrangements that are both better and worse than Pitch Perfect’s.
  • Characters: Beca (Pitch Perfect) > Rachel (Glee), but otherwise not particularly memorable.
  • Story: Not Glee, but still typical “girl goes to college”; the a cappella is just dressing for it. (Same genre as Mean Girls, which I have finally now seen.)

In many ways Pitch Perfect could have gone further, but didn’t. The a cappella group (the Barden Bellas) didn’t seem particularly close—I didn’t get the feeling that these women were spending…