"Making Tracks"

Today’s NaCreSoMo piece is a vocal-only cover of the title track from the musical Making Tracks.

Making Tracks is (was *sigh*) about some of the common Chinese-American and Japanese-American experiences, from the transcontinental railroad to the internment camps to the present day. It’s actually one of my favorite musicals (not that I’ve seen so many), both for the subject matter (admittedly fairly introductory) and for the music itself—a rock aesthetic with fairly good lyrics. The songs are hard to find online, but I’ve got the soundtrack CD, so if you want to hear more…come hang out with me!

This was actually one of three recordings I did today, but I’m “saving” the other two to send in for (drumroll) an audition! Okay, it’s an audition that’s meant to call professional musical theater actors, but it was for another show I very much enjoyed, and hey, why not?

More information on that will come next week, when I know whether I move on to real auditions or not. Oh, and I ended up choosing not to submit this one because there are too many technical issues, both with the recording and with my voice. Should have dropped it down a few more keys!

Today was a busy day. My friends Alan, Sasha, and Huy are making a music video, with past NaCreSoMo participant Abby as one of the main characters; today I got to help out by being an extra. Following that I headed over to Berkeley to make these recordings (thanks, Ashley!), briefly check out the “wrap party” for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, and see the latest performance by my old college theater group, Theatre Rice. Combining today with the rest of this past week…well, let’s just say I’m exhausted.

Part of NaCreSoMo; join us!