More Sketches

More sketches for NaCreSoMo today.

The character who started this page was Michy, who’s from a short piece called “Large Coffee” from last year’s NaCreSoMo. (You’ll notice I included The Inconvenient Tree from that sketch as well.) She came out almost exactly as planned, which was great; pretty much the only thing I’d really want to do is figure out how to clean up her ponytail.

This is actually the same page as yesterday’s sketch of Minsoo and Morgan, so once I finished Michy I figured everyone on the page had to have a name starting with “M”. I decided next to draw Marley, the main character of my NaNoWriMo story from two years ago, “Clone“…but the person I ended up drawing doesn’t look like the Marley in my head (nor the young man I used in my mockup cover). Additionally, his jacket looked a lot thicker than what I would have had Marley wearing. So this is…Michael?

After Michael I started trying to think of other good “M” names, and somehow came up with “Mint”. I don’t know much about Mint other than that she models, but judging from the way Michael ended up looking at her there might be some shared history there? The actual drawing of Mint just came out okay.

The smiley is there because I like that face. It’s apparently called “Awesome Face”, though it’s taken on a light troll aspect for me…

Have I mentioned that this little sketchbook was originally given to me by fellow NaCreSoMo participant Ashley? There’s some nifty stuff in there now: notes on “Clone”, idle doodles, the source for “Interpreting Information” from the first NaCreSoMo, a few poems, acting notes, recorded dreams, practice rams, notes from AlterConf, and…comic-style face sketches.